Cold breezes blowing~

I found this creature devouring my parsley. He ate the whole plant, then disappeared. They have to form a chrysalis, but return in a “resurrected” form. Later in the summer, I saw a butterly of his kind (a Monarch?) and wondered if it was from this caterpillar.If it were not for the butterfly, we wouldn’t have much appreciation for this guy!

I planted a tiny garden in my “matchbox” size backyard, just to prove it could be done. We had early peas and lettuce, then squash, onions, cucumbers and potatoes,.in limited quantities, of course. When the potatoes in my kitchen sprouted, I decided to plant them.  We got quite a few,but we also got some oddities, strange ones with all kinds of protrusions. Also,something underground had nibbled on them. I planted beets in the window box. They need more room or may need to be planted at a different time. For some reason, the tomatoes did not produce like our grandson’s did, He brought us lots of jars of foods they had canned this past summer. they had prepared this past summer, including spaghetti sauce and soup.

A couple weeks ago when I looked at the little gingko tree in my back yard, the leaves were green. Almost within a week, they began to turn, first with a lovely golden edge around them. Later, they all began turning a beautiful shade of yellow, This afternoon, I see they have all fallen off and are lying in a heap at the bottom of the tree. I have pictures but have not been successful in importing them. Maybe next time.

In my book, Gingko trees are in a class by themselves. Like few other trees, there is a male and a female  I got mine when it was just a stick with a couple leaves on top but I could recognize it. It had been a reject at a plant sale, looked unappealing and had no tag to tell people its name. I was willing to pay $5.00 for it.  As it took root I saw three stems emerging. I don’t know if I have a male or female tree, but if a female, it is likely whoever lives here when I am gone will want to destroy it. I understand the female bears a fruit that has a rotten smell. In the years I have left, I will enjoy that velvety touch, its unusual shaped leaves and the beautiful yellow announcing Fall and Winter have arrived.

Seems like there is something in this that should remind us of our lives. If you have an answer, why not share it?

Let’s stay in touch. Myrtle Virginia Thompson

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