More about what we find in a garden~

The fat skink lay quietly in the sun, not wanting to be disturbed. She had dug a hole in the yard where the sidewalk from the garage to the front door turns the corner, under the azalea bush which was in bloom. It was where I planned to work, dig up the area and put down mulch.  I am sure it was a she, getting so fat because she was ready to lay her eggs. She was brown. Her babies would first be blue. I tried to get her to move but she didn’t want to go. Finally, I used the shovel and gave her a gentle nudge. She slowly moved further away, under the golden euonymus bush, hidden from my view. Very soon after, the baby skinks were on their own, running through the garden. They have sometimes startled me as I have startled them. What amazing creatures God has put on earth!

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